February Newsletter & Latest News


Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: FCHeat.org and EscondidoSoccerClub.com.


Our older tryouts have been scheduled to take place the week of April 4th through April 7th, 2016. These are birth year ages from 2001 – 1997.
As with the younger teams, US Soccer has mandated the new birth year age matrix, where players play for teams within their birth year. For example; If you were born in the year 2000, you will play for the Girls/Boys 2000 team. If you are an exceptional player and physically built to play up one year then it is allowed. In this case then you could play up to the G/B 1999 team, only if the coach feels that you are qualified.
This year we are projecting 10 to 14 older teams to accompany our already formed 30 + younger teams.
Coaches and parents should be advised that all players, whether currently on a Heat team or not, have to attend both tryout days in order to be considered for selection. Tryouts are where new teams are formed. Tryouts are not for team players to stay at home so their coach can look for one or two players from the new recruits. Again, every player has to attend tryouts and the coaches of each particular team will select their players accordingly. Every player will be fairly evaluated and will receive a phone call whether that player made the team or not.
Tryouts are nearly always scheduled at this time of the year. Unfortunately, many of our older teams are still playing in State and National Cup competitions, but the tryout week is the unofficial beginning of our new teams and programs for 2016.
Please see flyer below.


FC Heat are proud to announce the appointment of Gastone Del Medico as coach for our Girls 2000 team. Gus has a National D License and has almost completed his C License. He was born in Canada and now resides in the Scripps area of San Diego.
Gus has coached various teams for clubs such as Manchester, Matrix teams and up until quite recently, Surf. He is an experienced coach who will bring his much needed teaching methods to our girls department.
Besides concentrating on teaching technical skills, Gus will bring quite a few fresh, tactical changes to our G2000 team. Over the years he and his teams have bought home many championships. He is an expert in video set-up for soccer games and many times uses video to teach his students. He will be ideally placed on the G2000 team, as Gus places a strong emphasis on college prep and has many college connections. He is also a licensed referee.
Along with the appointment of Gus and other re-appointments for our experienced coaches, such as Hector Hernandez from older girls to younger,Brian Blake from boys to girls, and Don Meyers with a new younger girls team, our girls are going to get stronger by the session this season.
Also allocated new teams for FC Heat this season are; Sebastian OrosRobert Jeffers, James Griffen and Alvaro Melgoza. These are coaches that have been with Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat for a while as parents and recreational coaches, and in Alvaro’s case as a referee and coach. We love to bring in conscientious new coaches to our competitive ranks, especially if they have worked their way through the recreational ranks.
Hector Hernandez, FC Heat’s most senior coach and his daughters, were the subjects of a beautiful story recently featured in The San Diego Union Tribune. It talked about the years that Hector has been coaching high school soccer against his daughters. For more on this click on Union Tribune HS Sports
                                                 *                 *                 *
Competitive players are still needed on the following teams. If you know someone who has the ability to play good, quality soccer in these age groups, please click on the corresponding coaches name and send them an e-mail.
Girls 2008 – James Griffen
Girls 2004 – Scott Schooling
Girls 2005 – Hector Hernandez
Boys 2008 – Sebastian Oros
Boys 2005 – Denis Sweeney and Robert Jeffers
Boys 2003 – Bryan Wilkes
Boys 2002 – Alvaro Melgoza

The Soccer Golf Map from Welk Resorts in Escondido
Last week-end I met with Brian Perkins, the resident golf professional at Lawrence Welk Golf Resorts and Champagne Villages in Escondido. Brian, an ex-FC Heat player, had called and asked me to bring out some Heat players to sample their soccer golf course in the village.
This was a fantastic experience!
Soccer Golf is an 18 hole par 3 course. Instead of using golf clubs, you use your feet. Holes are large, half-barrel shaped with white flags. Players play by teeing off (kicking the ball) at the flag, and the amount of times you kick the ball to get it into the hole is counted – a par 3 tells you that 3 kicks to sink the ball is possible (but unlikely, as I quickly found out).
We played in a foursome, boys against girls, where the boys won by 2 holes, but I must say it was a nail-biter all the way around. The Director of Coaching came in 3rd out of 4 on an individual basis, who at the start thought it was going to be easy – quite far from the truth!
These holes are challenging and it takes a good foot and a keen eye to be proficient. Proper golf etiquette is adhered to and an adjacent golf course has priority over first tee off on holes and right-of-way play.
Brian and I thought it would be great if our FC Heat teams were able to come to the course and play each other on certain days. We could have a girls team play a boys team of similar age. We could have fundraisers out there, where prizes are provided, and we could use it as a social event for camaraderie, so we get to know our fellow players and coaches. We could also have our team parties here.
Brian and the Welk management were gracious enough to offer us a discounted price per player if we decided to take part. The course takes about two and a half hours to complete and will cost players $10 and coaches and adults $12.
Coaches, managers and parents, please let Steve know if you would be interested.

In agreement with North Count Battalion, both FC Heat and NC Battalion announced our recent partnership. This is our new local professional soccer team who are playing in the National Premier Soccer League. Along with our partnership, we will have games where some of our players can be ball boys/girls and we get an extra discount on tickets. So let us show our support for NC Battalion.
The following is from NC Battalion’s Facebook page:

NC Battalion is pleased to welcome Escondido Soccer Club – FC Heat as an official youth partner. FC Heat joins Encinitas Express, Oceanside Breakers, and Vista Storm as the latest organization to embrace NC Battalion’s grassroots efforts within the soccer community.The Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat are home to a talented group of players and coaches, and the support of their organization further unites North County under the NC Battalion umbrella.

FC Heat Director of Coaching, Steve Yorke, echoed the enthusiasm. “We at FC Heat are proud and honored to support North County Battalion and the National Premier Soccer League. It will be fun to have a professional soccer team so close to home. Our young aspiring players will be able to get close to the action and experience the atmosphere of a professional soccer game.”

Rita ‘s of Escondido is also another partner with NC Battalion, and they are offering all Escondido soccer players 10% off, when you visit any of their stores wearing your FC Heat or Escondido Soccer Club gear.

The “Person Behind the Player” is a brand new series of columns contained within our newsletter that focuses on one or more of our players.
We as coaches get to know many of our players regardless of the team that they play on, but parents and other players sometimes are not that fortunate. Over the years I have gotten to know many of these players personally, and I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to learn more about the character of our players, what they have personally achieved and what they do when they are away from the soccer field.
This can be especially important for our high school graduates and college bound players, and also enlightening for our younger players who tend to look up to our senior players, maybe even viewing them as their role models.
If you know of a player who plays for FC Heat or Escondido Soccer Club, who is doing something out of the ordinary, especially to help other people or organizations, or are fulfilling dreams at an early age, we would like to hear about them. Please contact Steve our Director of Communications.
Our first in this series is one of our older boys players; Daniel Zin of Jose Valle’s B1999 team.
“Soccer is Life” is an expression that best describes Del Norte High School student, Daniel Zin and his passion for soccer. A junior, Daniel has played for 3 years at FC Heat under the tutelage of Coaches; Jarod Cardoza, Jose Valle, and Arturo Valle. He is currently on the BU17, FC Heat Premier team, that finished last year as Quarter Finalist in the 2015 National Cup for the second consecutive year.
Given Daniel’s devotion to all things that are soccer, it may come as a surprise that he is just as passionate about a service club that he started as a sophomore at Del Norte High school. Inspired by his ability to connect well with young children and motivate them, he collaborated with a nearby elementary and middle school to develop a mentoring program utilizing high achieving Del Norte High School students as mentors and role models for the younger students. The club is only in its second year, but already has a waiting list for interested parents and K-8th grade students.
Although “Soccer is Life” for Daniel, he has learned to broaden his vision and find new ways to develop and pursue his passion that goes far beyond the soccer field.


Congratulations to our G2007 team coached by Brian Blake and Don Meyers – Poway Indoor Champions – unbeaten!
Jacob George
The latest on our very own Rec and All-Star player, Jacob George…
Jacob just got discharged today from the hospital. His original chemo treatment was scheduled for Saturday but they did it on Wednesday along with his bone marrow aspiration. Still waiting on results from the bone marrow to make sure everything is going ok. He is still very weak so we have to make sure someone is by his side so he doesn’t fall and hurt himself. Being home is going to be a challenge but with everyone’s help and positive thoughts and words I think we will be ok.
Jacob and his family wish to thank everyone who have helped them both financially and spiritually. Jacob is a fighter and will continue to battle until he is back on the soccer field,
For more information and to help the George family: Click here – Jacob George