Coaches Corner

Thank you Coaches!

First of all, the Escondido Soccer Club would like to thank all of you for volunteering your time to coach the kids. We hope that you will find this season to be both fun and exciting. The kids that you will be coaching develop physically and mentally at different rates and ages. There are a wide range of ability levels that you will need to be aware of when planning your practices. As much as possible, you’ll want to organize activities and games that will allow all of the players to be successful and have fun. This will take a little more planning on your part when organizing your practices but we think you will discover the rewards of watching all of the players develop throughout the year.

With this in mind, we will give you as many resources as possible to aid you in your coaching endeavors. Have a look at the generalized characteristics of the different age groups you will be coaching and keep them in mind and refer to them from time to time as you go through your season. It will help to keep things in perspective. If you are having trouble finding what you need or you need some helpful hints on a new drill to teach them a certain aspect of the game, feel free to use out Heat Coaching website.

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