Coach Evaluation

In an effort to serve our community better and to provide top notch coaches for your child, we are asking all parents to fill out a coaching evaluation for their coach this year. We wish to give parents an opportunity to give feedback on their coaches, identify areas of improvement and help us to provide more beneficial resources to help your child improve upon for the next year. Our goals are to support our coaches with as many tools as possible and your feedback will equip us with the knowledge where improvement is needed.

Please fill out an evaluation form. All comments will be kept confidential.

All comments will remain anonymous unless you would like to be contacted for further follow-up.
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Strengths and Weaknesses
8. What are the coach's strengths/weaknesses??
9. What areas does this coach need to improve upon?
Coach's Raiting
Use the raiting system to answer questions below:
1-Yes, 2-Somewhat, 3-Neutral, 4-Not-Really, 5-No
10. Have you seen improvement in your child this season?*
11. The coach communicates effectively and constructively.*
12. This coach is punctual and makes good use of practice time.*
13. This coach defines and communicates expectations of each player.*
14. This coach challenges players to improve their weakness.*
15. Would you like your child to be on this coach's team in the future?*
16. Please add any other comments.

Thank you!
-Escondido Soccer Club