Player Cards

ALL teams that are in the U7 Divisions or higher, must have a Player Card for ALL of their players by Opening Day. U16 and above may need them before this date depending on their schedule.

Coaches or Team Parents, obtain a small head shot of each player. A school wallet size or digital picture printed on a regular piece of paper will work fine. Trim it to fit on the corner of the palyer cards that will be distributed to your teams. Glue or paste the picture on the blue box on the front of the card and tear off the card at the perforations.

A laminator will be made available on the first game day by the storage area behind the restrooms. Laminate each card and punch a hole in the corner of each card (line them up to match) and put all the cards on a key ring so it is easy for referees to check in the players before each game.

If there are no player cards for your child, then they cannot play. Referes will be instructed to not allow players to play unless there is a player card. This goes for coaches as well.

For more information see Player Card Directions

If you have any questions or problems with cards, contact Bernadette Bjork @