Team Parent Info

Getting Started

  • SOCCER STAPLES: Your folding chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen and your umbrella stand.
  • ROSTER: Get your roster and player information. Attached is a sample roster for anyone that may need one. Sample Team Roster
  • SNACK SCHEDULE: The all important snack schedule. Especially for those little ones (and those not so little), one the highlights of their game is the snack. Half-Time Snack or After the game snack?

    This is up to you and your coach(es). “After the game” snack usually consists of a juice box (or whatever you choose) and fruit, chips, crackers, etc. Remember these are just suggestions, whatever you choose, the kids will like. Half-time snack is usually a lot lighter and usually consists of sliced oranges, strawberries, grapes, etc. Something light.

  • TEAM BANNER: The banner is entirely up to you and your team. Many teams have them custom made and airbrushed, but many people make their own as well. Many teams have used Hal’s Sport Shop or Banner USA in the past and both do a good job. There are many other companies that make banners… If you have any suggestions, good or bad experiences with banner companies, please share. We like and
  • TEAM JOBS: For some of us we tend to undertake the role of team parent all by ourselves. However, like so many of us today we must juggle the demands of work, family, other extracurricular activities, etc. Therefore, asking your families to volunteer for team jobs really makes a big difference (our team manager started doing this and it worked out great). For example:
    • BANNER DUTY: Someone who brings the banner to each game, sets up and takes down.
    • PHONE TREE: One or two people to divide up the roster, and in the event of game cancellations (rainouts), practice changes, etc. you have someone to get that last minute need to know information to your team, when email just won’t do.
    • JERSEY DUTY (primarily for Heat and/or All-Star teams): Someone who takes the jerseys home after each game and washes them. This prevents a player from forgetting their jersey before a big game (not to mention it’s always clean).
    • FIRST AID: Always bring a soccer backpack to each game. Inside, have a basic first aid kit, Tylenol, children’s Motrin, Ibuprofen, bandaids, prewrap, sports tape, toilet paper, baby wipes and even a Tide pen. And YES, you will use everything in your back pack. More times, than not, each and everything has been need during our games. In addition also bring a little ice chest with ready made ice bags and cold paks (just in case).
  • GOAL JAR: The all important “goal jar.” For each goal your team makes, pass the goal jar around to everyone. Our team earns $0.25 per goal. At the end of the season you can apply the money to your end of the season party.
  • END OF THE SEASON PARTY/COACHES’ GIFTS: You can make this as big or as little as you wish. Potluck at the park, bar-b-ques at someone’s home, pizza restaurants, etc.
    You probably need to start planning the party at least 3-4 weeks before your last game. Depending on how your team did during the season, your goal jar may really help contribute towards the party expenses. If not, you will need to ask your parents to contribute.

Coaches’/Team Parent Gifts differ from team to team. In the past, our teams have given gift cards, personalized plaques, framed photos of the coaches and the players, autographed balls, etc. Budget this expense with your team families in mind, and then equally divide the costs between each player.