Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,

In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: FCHeat.org and EscondidoSoccerClub.com.

Early in 2017, I received a bulk email from a company called PCA or Positive Coaching Alliance. I quickly read through it and put it to one side until I had more time to pursue it. About a week later I clicked on the email and watched a movie about coaching young players from Phil Jackson, the great basketball coach, and I was immediately sold. Even though at that time I thought it was going to be an expensive package for our club for training, I still sent out links to a couple of their videos to our coaching staff. There was a great cross-section of famous coaches from different sports donating their time to help this organization.

Later that week I got talking to Paulo Espinoza, who is one of our newer competitive coaches. Paulo was hired because of his quiet demeanor and his positive approach to coaching younger players. I had watched him on numerous occasions while he was taking his National D License and was impressed at the way his players were enjoying their game. Parents especially liked the way their children were coached and treated by Paulo.

I found out that  Paulo was a staunch believer and subscriber to the Positive Coaching Alliance and had taken all of their on-line courses. It made sense, and Paulo was living proof of how a different approach to what we are used experiencing can change the attitude of so many.

Without getting into too much detail, here is what a positive coaching environment looks like…

  • PCA teaches that children should look forward to their practice sessions and games – it should be a safe and happy environment for all players.
  • Every athlete that shows an interest in a particular sport should have the option to play regardless of their ability. Recreation is the starter area and Competitive is for the more skilled.
  • Players love to impress their parents and family members who should also take an active part in their experience. This builds confidence and pride in the player.
  • Coaches understand that they are teaching ‘Life Lessons’ and they agree to respect the game, the officials, the players and the fans. Of course coaches want to win as does everyone, but this is not their main purpose. They should always build the player up, improving self-esteem and teaching good moral standards.
  • Parents and fans should uphold the same approach and sense of responsibility as the coaches.
  • Players have a voice too! It is up to the coaches and parents to listen to them and learn as we all do from each other. This builds motivated leaders for their future.
  • We should never force players to play only one sport so early on in their lives.


Paulo has agreed, in the not too distant future, to introduce the PCA way of coaching to our Recreational coaches. We can then monitor the results at the very grass roots level of our club soccer. This will be a massive step in the right direction and will hopefully create this happy, enjoyable environment for all of our players.

Competitive coaches too will be seeing some distinct changes in the future, and in 2018 we will be implementing many of these. This will not take away or disrupt our professional coaches individual approach, it is just a common sense addition to their methods.

There are 6 courses currently available at PCA, which cost $30 each. For more information, click on POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE


During the first few weeks of our Recreational and Competitive seasons, we have been experiencing many injuries, most of them minor, but a few were quite serious. Concussion has become one of our main concerns this season, as it should be. As you know, if you are a parent of a competitive player or a coach, you have taken the on-line concussion course and passed the required test, which demonstrates that you understand the details.

We are all still learning about the damage a concussion can do to a young player in any sport, and so we all must be conscious of what needs to happen in the event of a potentially concussed player.

Referees in particular are extra vigilant this year and will list any head injuries on their game reports. If that player is listed as having a potential concussion, then it is up to the parent to make sure that they see a physician as soon as possible. FC Heat and Escondido Soccer Club will not allow that player to practice or play until a medical clearance has been received from their physician.

Coaches are aware that they too will not be able to have that player on the field without the required medical clearance. It is always a good practice for the coach or manager to approach the referee after the game to see if he or she logged any injuries on the game report.

*          *          *




Currently we are fielding 44 Competitive teams for the 2017/2018 season in various age groups both boys and girls. We have suffered many injuries this year and some teams still need a few experienced players, so if you know of anyone who loves the sport and has the skill to play competitive soccer, please contact the coaches below:


Boys born in 2008 and 2002, please contact Alvaro Melgoza

Boys born in 2001, please contact Albert Naverrete

Boys born in 2005, please contact Sebastian Oros

*          *          *


Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for December 6, 2017. This is where we prepare the club for the coming year and set our budgets and vote in our volunteers, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help Escondido Soccer Club and/or FC Heat Elite please attend. We will be giving out details about the venue as we move closer to the date.

*          *          *


As you all know, Escondido Soccer Club including FC Heat Elite is a non-profit organization. We are always looking to raise money for new programs for our players and their families. Sponsorship, especially corporate sponsorship is always needed. The amount of money we as a club spend in just keeping the wheels turning sometimes boggles the mind. Our goal is always to break even, but in today’s economy this sometimes becomes difficult to achieve.

If you or your company would be interested in sponsoring our club, please talk to  Michaela Krams our Director of Marketing.


*          *          *

Many of you commented on the ‘Juicing’ segment’ on last month’s newsletter asking me for the source. The article was taken from a blog by Reagan Yorke, which you can access by clicking here: ReaganXO.com.

cgraduateAs you know, I promised to keep you all updated on my family’s efforts to get both of our teenagers into the college of their choice, without breaking the bank.

We are still working with Ducerus and my kids have monthly appointments with Sylvia our consultant/counselor. In between these visits, they are consistently working on the Ducerus software program, which helps them to improve their SAT and ACT scores. This is definitely working as both of their scores are improving and are now within the parameters for the colleges that they are actively looking at. They are consistently writing essays for applications and having these read and edited by someone other than myself. In my opinion these are improving immensely. Their school grades are getting better as they are conscious of what needs to be done for their own futures.

Lennon my son was initially looking at California schools, but now is being swayed towards a private university in Boston. The costs are astronomical at Boston University, but when Sylvia explained what we could potentially qualify for there was a significant difference, and also taking into consideration the potential less time spent there gaining his degree made Boston University a strong contender.

Reagan wants to be centered in LA, so she is looking at the US and UC schools in that area. She has a 17 – 34% chance of being accepted in her first choices, so she is trying to set herself apart from other applicants by working on extra-curricular projects.

If they both get accepted into the colleges of their choice they will most probably be taking out loans, as well as looking for jobs in the area in which they will reside. This unfortunately is reality.

It is also becoming more apparent to me that many of our lower, working class families still have a great chance (with so many wonderful incentives available) to get their children into college. You would be very surprised at what funds are available to families with lower income, However, this income has to be proved in order to gain any financial aid, so your tax returns would need to be seen.

A good time to start preparing for college is when your child is at least a Junior in high school. To be honest, we left it a little late. Concentrating on academics is still the key and sport is secondary.

I will say this though; your child’s senior year in high school is highly stressful for them, so it is up to us to be very supportive.

February Newsletter & Latest News


Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: FCHeat.org and EscondidoSoccerClub.com.


Our older tryouts have been scheduled to take place the week of April 4th through April 7th, 2016. These are birth year ages from 2001 – 1997.
As with the younger teams, US Soccer has mandated the new birth year age matrix, where players play for teams within their birth year. For example; If you were born in the year 2000, you will play for the Girls/Boys 2000 team. If you are an exceptional player and physically built to play up one year then it is allowed. In this case then you could play up to the G/B 1999 team, only if the coach feels that you are qualified.
This year we are projecting 10 to 14 older teams to accompany our already formed 30 + younger teams.
Coaches and parents should be advised that all players, whether currently on a Heat team or not, have to attend both tryout days in order to be considered for selection. Tryouts are where new teams are formed. Tryouts are not for team players to stay at home so their coach can look for one or two players from the new recruits. Again, every player has to attend tryouts and the coaches of each particular team will select their players accordingly. Every player will be fairly evaluated and will receive a phone call whether that player made the team or not.
Tryouts are nearly always scheduled at this time of the year. Unfortunately, many of our older teams are still playing in State and National Cup competitions, but the tryout week is the unofficial beginning of our new teams and programs for 2016.
Please see flyer below.


FC Heat are proud to announce the appointment of Gastone Del Medico as coach for our Girls 2000 team. Gus has a National D License and has almost completed his C License. He was born in Canada and now resides in the Scripps area of San Diego.
Gus has coached various teams for clubs such as Manchester, Matrix teams and up until quite recently, Surf. He is an experienced coach who will bring his much needed teaching methods to our girls department.
Besides concentrating on teaching technical skills, Gus will bring quite a few fresh, tactical changes to our G2000 team. Over the years he and his teams have bought home many championships. He is an expert in video set-up for soccer games and many times uses video to teach his students. He will be ideally placed on the G2000 team, as Gus places a strong emphasis on college prep and has many college connections. He is also a licensed referee.
Along with the appointment of Gus and other re-appointments for our experienced coaches, such as Hector Hernandez from older girls to younger,Brian Blake from boys to girls, and Don Meyers with a new younger girls team, our girls are going to get stronger by the session this season.
Also allocated new teams for FC Heat this season are; Sebastian OrosRobert Jeffers, James Griffen and Alvaro Melgoza. These are coaches that have been with Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat for a while as parents and recreational coaches, and in Alvaro’s case as a referee and coach. We love to bring in conscientious new coaches to our competitive ranks, especially if they have worked their way through the recreational ranks.
Hector Hernandez, FC Heat’s most senior coach and his daughters, were the subjects of a beautiful story recently featured in The San Diego Union Tribune. It talked about the years that Hector has been coaching high school soccer against his daughters. For more on this click on Union Tribune HS Sports
                                                 *                 *                 *
Competitive players are still needed on the following teams. If you know someone who has the ability to play good, quality soccer in these age groups, please click on the corresponding coaches name and send them an e-mail.
Girls 2008 – James Griffen
Girls 2004 – Scott Schooling
Girls 2005 – Hector Hernandez
Boys 2008 – Sebastian Oros
Boys 2005 – Denis Sweeney and Robert Jeffers
Boys 2003 – Bryan Wilkes
Boys 2002 – Alvaro Melgoza

The Soccer Golf Map from Welk Resorts in Escondido
Last week-end I met with Brian Perkins, the resident golf professional at Lawrence Welk Golf Resorts and Champagne Villages in Escondido. Brian, an ex-FC Heat player, had called and asked me to bring out some Heat players to sample their soccer golf course in the village.
This was a fantastic experience!
Soccer Golf is an 18 hole par 3 course. Instead of using golf clubs, you use your feet. Holes are large, half-barrel shaped with white flags. Players play by teeing off (kicking the ball) at the flag, and the amount of times you kick the ball to get it into the hole is counted – a par 3 tells you that 3 kicks to sink the ball is possible (but unlikely, as I quickly found out).
We played in a foursome, boys against girls, where the boys won by 2 holes, but I must say it was a nail-biter all the way around. The Director of Coaching came in 3rd out of 4 on an individual basis, who at the start thought it was going to be easy – quite far from the truth!
These holes are challenging and it takes a good foot and a keen eye to be proficient. Proper golf etiquette is adhered to and an adjacent golf course has priority over first tee off on holes and right-of-way play.
Brian and I thought it would be great if our FC Heat teams were able to come to the course and play each other on certain days. We could have a girls team play a boys team of similar age. We could have fundraisers out there, where prizes are provided, and we could use it as a social event for camaraderie, so we get to know our fellow players and coaches. We could also have our team parties here.
Brian and the Welk management were gracious enough to offer us a discounted price per player if we decided to take part. The course takes about two and a half hours to complete and will cost players $10 and coaches and adults $12.
Coaches, managers and parents, please let Steve know if you would be interested.

In agreement with North Count Battalion, both FC Heat and NC Battalion announced our recent partnership. This is our new local professional soccer team who are playing in the National Premier Soccer League. Along with our partnership, we will have games where some of our players can be ball boys/girls and we get an extra discount on tickets. So let us show our support for NC Battalion.
The following is from NC Battalion’s Facebook page:

NC Battalion is pleased to welcome Escondido Soccer Club – FC Heat as an official youth partner. FC Heat joins Encinitas Express, Oceanside Breakers, and Vista Storm as the latest organization to embrace NC Battalion’s grassroots efforts within the soccer community.The Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat are home to a talented group of players and coaches, and the support of their organization further unites North County under the NC Battalion umbrella.

FC Heat Director of Coaching, Steve Yorke, echoed the enthusiasm. “We at FC Heat are proud and honored to support North County Battalion and the National Premier Soccer League. It will be fun to have a professional soccer team so close to home. Our young aspiring players will be able to get close to the action and experience the atmosphere of a professional soccer game.”

Rita ‘s of Escondido is also another partner with NC Battalion, and they are offering all Escondido soccer players 10% off, when you visit any of their stores wearing your FC Heat or Escondido Soccer Club gear.

The “Person Behind the Player” is a brand new series of columns contained within our newsletter that focuses on one or more of our players.
We as coaches get to know many of our players regardless of the team that they play on, but parents and other players sometimes are not that fortunate. Over the years I have gotten to know many of these players personally, and I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to learn more about the character of our players, what they have personally achieved and what they do when they are away from the soccer field.
This can be especially important for our high school graduates and college bound players, and also enlightening for our younger players who tend to look up to our senior players, maybe even viewing them as their role models.
If you know of a player who plays for FC Heat or Escondido Soccer Club, who is doing something out of the ordinary, especially to help other people or organizations, or are fulfilling dreams at an early age, we would like to hear about them. Please contact Steve our Director of Communications.
Our first in this series is one of our older boys players; Daniel Zin of Jose Valle’s B1999 team.
“Soccer is Life” is an expression that best describes Del Norte High School student, Daniel Zin and his passion for soccer. A junior, Daniel has played for 3 years at FC Heat under the tutelage of Coaches; Jarod Cardoza, Jose Valle, and Arturo Valle. He is currently on the BU17, FC Heat Premier team, that finished last year as Quarter Finalist in the 2015 National Cup for the second consecutive year.
Given Daniel’s devotion to all things that are soccer, it may come as a surprise that he is just as passionate about a service club that he started as a sophomore at Del Norte High school. Inspired by his ability to connect well with young children and motivate them, he collaborated with a nearby elementary and middle school to develop a mentoring program utilizing high achieving Del Norte High School students as mentors and role models for the younger students. The club is only in its second year, but already has a waiting list for interested parents and K-8th grade students.
Although “Soccer is Life” for Daniel, he has learned to broaden his vision and find new ways to develop and pursue his passion that goes far beyond the soccer field.


Congratulations to our G2007 team coached by Brian Blake and Don Meyers – Poway Indoor Champions – unbeaten!
Jacob George
The latest on our very own Rec and All-Star player, Jacob George…
Jacob just got discharged today from the hospital. His original chemo treatment was scheduled for Saturday but they did it on Wednesday along with his bone marrow aspiration. Still waiting on results from the bone marrow to make sure everything is going ok. He is still very weak so we have to make sure someone is by his side so he doesn’t fall and hurt himself. Being home is going to be a challenge but with everyone’s help and positive thoughts and words I think we will be ok.
Jacob and his family wish to thank everyone who have helped them both financially and spiritually. Jacob is a fighter and will continue to battle until he is back on the soccer field,
For more information and to help the George family: Click here – Jacob George

January 2016 Newsletter

Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: FCHeat.org and EscondidoSoccerClub.com.


Our End of Season party and celebration was a huge success. Scheduled on the Friday where Monday through Thursday poured down rain, we finally got lucky. Even though it was chilly and windy, hundreds of families showed up for drinks, tacos and music and the kids enjoyed scrimmage games against the coaches.
This day epitomized the kind of club Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat has become. The home town based, family club for the children and families of our city.
This was a day to recognize our players and the families that drive them (no pun intended). It was a time to see the people and staff behind the scenes who keep our club moving forward. And it was a time to recognize the high achievers in all categories. Without all of the above, we would just be a run-of-the-mill style soccer club – This was a day where we were able to celebrate our success together and join in the fun and camaraderie, and absorb the smiles and laughter of our children.
The Awards List…
FC Heat Manager of the Year was Kristin Fox and Volunteer of the Year was Tracy Wright. Jessica Escobedo was Board Member of the Year and Coach Bryan Wilkes was Coach of the Year with Roger Rolim de Moura as Runner-Up.
A special Cornerstone Award was presented to Coach Jose Valle for his dedication and service to the youth of our club. A card that accompanied his trophy said this;
“The corner stone of any building is by far the strongest point. A building is built from the ground up with deep and strong foundations to uphold the test of time.The Cornerstone Award uses this as a mission statement in the lives of our children.
The award is given to an outstanding member of FC Heat Elite & Escondido Soccer Club who demonstrates by example these fundamental meanings and beliefs. The recipient of the Cornerstone Trophy is an exceptional humble, human being who demonstrates and teaches by example life’s lessons, setting high standards, strong ethics, great values and solid beliefs in doing the right thing in life. All of our children, young or old, benefit from the lessons taught by the recipient of this award.”
Congratulations to you all – and to every player in the Heat Competitive Program, you are all winners!
Martin Lopez and Boys
A proud Jose Valle with Junior Fernandez & Daniel Zin
Coach of the Year Bryan Wilkes with Joaquin Romero
& Luke Hanson


Due to the age matrix changes this year we faced many challenges with our younger tryouts. But we were not alone as every other club in the US faced the same scenario.
Quite a few emotions came into play as many existing teams were literally split in half, one half moving older and the other half staying the same. In some instances, where some players were playing up two years, it actually split the team into three. This in itself scattered already experienced players to different teams, where it then became tough to name an A and a B team. In some cases we had many players of one birth year and in others we had very few. Some players were equipped to play up one year, but very rarely two years. A player playing up two years had to have exceptional skills and be physically able.
We were well prepared however, with coaches in place for as many teams as we projected, and our goal was to find a team for as many players as we possibly could. This was a lot of work.
The attendance for tryouts was excellent as word is obviously spreading about the kind of experience that players are enjoying at FC Heat, and that plus the exorbitant costs at the bigger clubs are sending many more new players to home based clubs like ours.
New coaches were allocated teams and experienced coaches were moved around in order to strengthen certain areas. This was mainly a result of coaches’ evaluations, which you the parents were part of. This is part of fine tuning an already successful coaching model. 32 teams were built or are being built in the younger age groups, which does not include our older teams.
Many questions were asked by parents who did not quite understand the reasons for the new age matrix (this is why we wrote a previous newsletter on this subject). Some thought that teams had to be totally age pure with no players playing up, while others wondered why their children could not play with their friends as they have done so over the past few years, irrespective of their ages. Many parents would only have their child play for a certain coach and not another, which again spread the talent among different teams. You can only imagine the challenges we faced by trying to please the majority.
In any case, FC Heat is in good shape and ahead of the game this early in the year. 32 teams were built or are being built in the younger age groups. Our teams were strong last year, but I think they will be even stronger this year. As mentioned, this does not include our older teams, as those tryouts will be in March when our high schools have finished their seasons. Please stay tuned to our Website for the dates of the older tryouts, which will be posted soon.
With tryouts being so early this year, it is possible that your child may have missed them. If this is the case then below is a list of our younger teams that are still looking for players. Just e-mail the coach and have your child join their practice as a tryout. We have plenty of time before our season starts.
Girls 2008 – James Griffen
Girls 2005 – Hector Hernandez
Boys 2008 – Sebastian Oros
Boys 2005 – Denis Sweeney and Robert Jeffers
Boys 2004 – Bryan Wilkes and James Griffen
Boys 2003 – Bryan Wilkes
Boys 2002 – Alvaro Melgoza


One of our own needs your help…

Jacob George played recreational soccer this last season for Coach Mark Memmelaar’s  Empire team. He played for the BU12 bracket even though he is only 10-years-old.
Mark said this about Jacob, “He played goalie and forward.  He didn’t love playing goalie, but he was good at it and always willing to do so if asked.  And that was a big part of this team’s success last season.  Jacob still managed to score 2 goals in his times as a forward.  He is quiet but fearless and deceptively strong.  A really friendly kid and always happy.”
Thank goodness Jacob is fearless and strong, because on January 20, 2016 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Obviously he and his family were taken by surprise, but while all are still in shock, they continue to fight this enemy head on.
Well Jacob, we have your back!
To follow Jacob’s fight and to help, please click on this link:
This is an update that keeps family and friends aligned with his daily progress.
Spring League Update…
As most of you already know, our first weekend of Spring Soccer was abandoned due to rain. The weather this week should be favorable, so keep your fingers crossed.
The first trophies of the season…
Brian Wilkes B2007  – SDSC Champions

Denis Sweeney & Sebastian Oros B2005 – Carlsbad Premier Finalists


Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: FCHeat.org and EscondidoSoccerClub.com.

In the last few years we have shown excellent improvement in our competitive division, with our teams roaring from mid to lower place finishes in all competitions, to much higher levels of achievement in the past 2 years.
FC Heat Elite

Many ask how FC Heat was able to achieve this level in such a short period of time. And to answer that question, I put it down to three components; individual player development, creating a happy, playing environment for our players and superior coaching. Once we achieve that then everything else seems to fall into place. Good coaches can develop all of their players while teaching teamwork and tactics at the same time. Many of our coaches have spent hundreds of hours on the practice field with teams created from tryouts in previous years. Some have even hit the high point with first and second year teams.

A great measure to the success of our methodology is for us to gauge how many of our older players are getting selected for our local high school teams. Having heard the stories from our coaches, who follow their players through high school tryouts, this alone has been quite an achievement.
Many of our coaches have assistant coaches within our competitive program who usually had gotten their start from our recreational division. We are proud to say that assistant coaches such as; Sebastian Oros, Don Meyers, Scott Schooling, James Griffen, Robert Jeffers, Dan Blake, Kathy Pharies, Arturo Valle, Frankie Cira and Arturo Duarte have had a tremendous impact this year, helping many of their teams achieve great status.
At FC Heat Elite, we have a program where our outstanding recreational coaches are invited to assist one of our Heat coaches for a season or so, much like an apprenticeship. We usually find that once partnered, both the head coach and the assistant coach are a hit with our players and their families. We will continue to do this moving forward. Sebastian Oros and Don Meyers, both recreational coaches have been excellent in this respect.
If you are interested in moving through from recreational to competitive, contact our Director of Coaching Steve Yorke.
Julio Alfaro’s BU9 team capture their Championship
We thought that the 2014/2015 Competitive Soccer Season was good with 40 Championships and another 27 Runners-Up positions, but we even surpassed that this season. To date (and our year is not yet complete) our FC Heat Elite Teams have captured a remarkable tally:
52 – Tournament Championships
36 – Tournament Runners-up
1 – State Cup Semi-Finalist
1 – National Cup Semi-Finalist
6 – Presidio/SDDA Championships
4 – Presidio/SDDA Runners-up
6 – Presidio/SDDA 3rd Place
Of all the 33 teams in our competitive division, 22 have finished in the top 5. We also had a great record for discipline in the league, with 11 of our teams not receiving any yellow or red cards for the whole season.
Of 367 games played by FC Heat Elite teams, 234 were either wins or ties.
This in itself is a fantastic achievement!
BU9 – Julio Alfaro
BU10 – Julio Alfaro
BU15 – Denis Sweeney
GU12 – Rick Moore & Don Meyers
GU16 – Rob Parker & Kathy Pharies
GU19 – Hector Hernandez
BU11 – Jorge Valazquez & Martin Lopez
BU14 – Brian Blake
GU9 – Brian Blake & Don Meyers
GU14 – Rob Parker
BU11 – Denis Sweeney & Sebastian Oros
BU12 – James Griffin & Martin Lopez
BU14 – Steve Yorke & Arturo Duarte
BU15 – Roger Rolim de Moura & Robert Jeffers
BU17 – Carlos Hernandez
GU14 – Carlos Hernandez

Congratulations to all our players, our teams, our coaches and our managers and parents for making this season a great one!


Congratulations to Sebastian Oros who was voted 2015/2016 Recreational Coach of the Year by his peers, his players and their families. Congratulations also to Garrett Vesco as Runner-Up and Leo Escobedo in Third Place.
It has been truly amazing what all of our recreational coaches have achieved this year. Not only do we have more qualified players wanting to move through  to our competitive program, but we have so many happy kids playing the game at this level. Out of over 250 evaluation reports for all of our recreational coaches, 246 were immensely positive. Great job Rec Coaches and thank you for volunteering. We could not reach these levels without you!
Here are the results of our Recreational Play-Off series, which was a huge success at Ryan Park. Many players representing these teams were selected to join our All-Star Program, to represent our club in at least 3 recreational tournaments in the next few weeks.
Finalists: BU8  – SD Dynamo
Champions: BU8  – Rockets
Finalists: BU10  – Empire
Champions: BU10  – Griffen
Finalists: BU12  – Escondido Premiere
Champions: BU12  – The Empire
Finalists: BU14  – FC Silver
Champions: BU14  – Barcelona FC
Finalists: GU8  – Fireballs
Champions: GU8  – Griffen
Finalists: GU10  – Hunters
Champions: GU10  – FC Sparkle
Finalists: GU12/14  – Tsunami
Champions: GU12/14  – Strykers
Don’t Forget Spring Ball…

One of our competitive coaches, Martin Lopez, came to me this year with an idea for a tournament to benefit an orphanage in San Diego. We thought we could have an entrance fee of one toy per player on each team, for whichever team competes. It turned out that it was too difficult to get field space, and the organization needed to put this together in time before Christmas.
However, our Presidio Soccer League friends have decided to adopt this idea for their Commissioners Cup, hosted by us at Ryan Park on Saturday andSunday, December 5th and 6th, 2015.
It is not a requirement to donate one toy per child competing of course, but we sure do appreciate any donations you are willing to give to this special San Diego orphanage.  The surprising thing is that The San Diego Center for Children really needs some of the simpler things in life for our orphans. Things like new clothing, household goods, hygiene products, school supplies as well as toys, music, board games, art supplies, gift cards and books, and any sports equipment that is new or gently used. If you have a bike we will take that with great pleasure!
There will be collection containers scattered around the fields at Ryan Park this weekend to hold your kind donations. Thank you to all in advance.
To learn more about The San Diego Center for Children please visit their Website at www.centerforchildren.org

The age pure practices that we organized this month for all players interested in playing competitive soccer in 2016 were a huge success.
It was nice to see a no pressure practice for our players, especially with a different coach running the practice that the players were probably not familiar with. These practices were not meant to be tryouts, or practices to establish teams for the coming year. What we tried to achieve was a comfortable, happy playing environment for players of the same birth year. This enabled us to see the skill level and the physical size of players in certain birth years, and gave much comfort to families who had questions about this new age matrix going forward.
As you can see from the chart below, quite a few changes are planned in the coming years which really make for an exciting experience for developing young soccer players. These changes will be gradual and will start as listed in the 2016/2017 season. This is the same for every club in the USA.
We will still have our regular tryouts at the start of 2016, which will be held in player’s birth year ages. FC Heat Elite has some wonderful new programs planned for our 2016/2017 season. All of this information will be available on our Website prior to the start of the new year.
All of our coaches are currently being evaluated for their work in 2015, but once this is completed, we will be able to allocate coaches to those teams for next year. If you have not done so already, you can evaluate your coach’s performance in 2015, by completing this form either in English or Spanish.
You can also go to our Website at www.fcheat.org and vote for your favorite person in all of these competitive categories:
Competitive Coach of the Year
Team Manager of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Board Member of the Year
Presentations will be handed out at our end of season party
Mark it on your calendar today!

Just before the Thanksgiving break at our Age Pure Practices, I joined in with a team of 2000 Boys playing a team of 2001 Boys, and needless to say the end result was a badly sprained ankle.
Two overly enthusiastic boys thought they would teach the coach a lesson,

and they did, as you can see by my left ankle. The following day I called Arturo Valle at Rehab United and he had me limp in for a treatment. I was hesitant at first, thinking that an injury like this is going to take time to heal, and that I had no other alternative but to hobble and struggle for at least six to eight weeks.
Arturo, tested my walking, looked at the alignment of both of my feet, massaged most of the swelling out and gave me some exercises to do for at least a couple of weeks. He completed the treatment with a good 20 minute ice bucket plunge and hold. He explained to me that is was most important to quickly retrain those muscles in my ankle so it would not roll on me on my return to the game (if there ever is a return!). He then sent me on my way. I could have jogged out of his facility, it felt that much better after this initial treatment.
Three days later there was a remarkable improvement, as you can see from this photograph. Most of the swelling had gone down and the bruising was coming to the surface. I could actually walk normally,

but it was still sore.

Times have changed for injury prevention, healing and rehabilitation. A good example is Lionel Messi who came back from knee ligament damage to a full recovery in 6 weeks, to play against Real Madrid a few weeks ago.
Years ago he would have been out for months.
The lesson I learned from this, I pass on to you and your young players. If your child gets injured, don’t be stubborn, go and see a professional like Arturo Valle and Bryan Hill at Rehab United, who use the latest technologies and methods to put you on the right track to a fast and safe recovery. I also learned that the faster you get to them, the better it is for this fast, safe recovery process to take place. Thank you Rehab!
By the way, Rehab United always offers free injury screening for Heat players.
To learn more about Rehab, visit their Website or call them at their offices