2021 Costs:

Players born 2010-2014 – $920

Players born 2003-2009 – $1200

Includes league fees, city fees, field fees, club coaching fees, referee fees, uniform and apparel, written player evaluations, annual coach evaluation, one tournament registration (Dave Shelton Memorial), and team photo.

The Escondido Soccer Club is a NON-PROFIT that strives to provide programs to benefit all young soccer players that want to take their skills to a higher level. Our programs are designed to give all players this opportunity to compete in an environment that will give them the chance to succeed. The Escondido Soccer Club is fully committed to help develop each player, as an individual and team player and we will strive to make that happen.

As our by-laws state, fees “shall be only in an amount sufficient to defray the actual cost of the proper management, supervision, acquisition, and protection of the property and facilities of ESC.”

Therefore, it is with this in mind that the Escondido Soccer Club has reviewed our monthly expenses, our annual club fees, our non-refundable deposit policy, and our payment plans.  

In 2020, the Escondido Soccer Club was as transparent with our families as possible. We tried to cover the monthly Club’s fees while trying to do the right thing by our Club Families with refunds and incentives.  The Escondido Soccer Club is a FAMILY and we value every player and every family that is a part of the Escondido Soccer Club.

With this is mind, we have not raised our club season rates going into 2021, we have adjusted our deposits, and our fee schedule to keep costs spread out and minimal to our families while covering our monthly operating fees.    Below is a summary of our fee plan for our FC HEAT competitive leagues for the 2021 season.

MonthFebMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptCost TOTAL
Competitive player @ $920  $100 deposit  $100  $100  $100  $100  $100  $160  $160  $920
Competitive player @ $1200   $200 deposit  $150  $150  $175  $175  $175  $175  $1200
Refund PolicyNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundable 

Upon registration each player will pay their first payment due, (either $100 or $200 deposit), then any 2020 rolled over fees will be applied, and then any incentives that a player received ($100 or $200 reduced fees) will be applied to the player’s account.  All sibling discounts, manager discounts, board discounts, coach’s discounts and scholarships will be applied in July when we know if there is a season or not.

The Club is hopeful that we will know from our governing bodies by June, if not earlier, if we will get to return to play an actual fall season of games and tournaments.  Every month, we will continue to keep our families up to date through our monthly newsletter and continue to be as transparent as we can.  As we continue to stay on top of the changes and adapt to all the changes month to month, we appreciate your patience, support and understanding during these challenging times.