2020 Costs:

Players born 2009-2014 – $920

Players born 2002-2008 – $1200

Includes league fees, city fees, field fees, club coaching fees, referee fees, uniform and apparel, written player evaluations, annual coach evaluation, one tournament registration (Dave Shelton Memorial), and team photo.


The Escondido Soccer Club has a long history of providing recreational and competitive soccer for youth in the Escondido area.  In 1976, North County Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) was formed as a corporation in the City of Escondido, one of the first youth soccer organizations in North San Diego County. Over the years NCYSA has evolved into the Escondido Soccer Club, including our competitive division of ESC FC Heat.

The Escondido Soccer Club is a NON-PROFIT that strives to provide programs to benefit all young soccer players that want to take their skills to a higher level. Our programs are designed to give all players this opportunity to compete in an environment that will give them the chance to succeed.  The Escondido Soccer Club is fully committed to help develop each player, as an individual and team player and we will strive to make that happen.

As our by-laws state, fees “shall only be in an amount sufficient to defray the actual cost of the proper management, supervision, acquisition, and protection of the property and facilities of ESC.” 

Therefore, it is with this in mind that the Escondido Soccer Club refund policy has been written.  Below is a summary of our Refund Policy for the competitive (FC Heat) league if the season gets cancelled or shut down prior to us being able to participate in the full season due to COVID-19 related events. If our season plays in full, there are NO REFUNDS.   

FC HEAT Refund Policy for 2020

The following table shows what is not refundable by certain dates if our season ends by December 2020:

REFUND POLICY by Age DivisionNon Refundable as of August 15, 2020Non Refundable as of September 15, 2020Non Refundable as of October 15, 2020Non Refundable as of November 15, 2020Non Refundable as of December 15, 2020
2009 – 2012$250.00$420.00$590.00$760.00$920.00
2008 – 2002$250.00$490.00$730.00$970.00$1,200.00

At this point, all uniforms have been purchased, field permits are being paid for weekly use, City fees are being paid, league registration to Cal South, Presidio and Affinity are being paid, Coaches fees are being paid and many other expenses are being incurred at this time because we believe there will be a season for both competitive and recreational players. 

It is also important to understand that if a player registers later in the season there is no reduction in fees and every player will always be equal in respect to these charges under current circumstances.

Payment plans still have to be kept up to date in order for your competitive player to take part in practices and games.

Thank you for your understanding as we move forward in this difficult time. Our ultimate goal is to provide the opportunity to play soccer in an educational, fun and safe environment.