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We are pleased to announce that we have started our FC Heat Return to Play Training Camps. These sessions allow every competitive team to return to the fields for at least one session per week until further notice. As restrictions are relaxed, we will add more sessions for every team.

FC Heat Return to Play Training Camps will take place for each team on designated days between Monday – Thursday and all COVID-19 protocol has to be followed and strictly abided by.

Our success in making this work relies on every participant following the rules and regulations put forth by CalSouth, the County of San Diego and the City of Escondido.

We appreciate your patience and your ongoing support. We will do our best to keep you informed as we move forward through this next phase.

Older Tryouts

We are pleased to announce that the registration process for our older tryouts has been extended to June 30th for forming the older teams. Physical tryouts at this time are not permitted so registered players will be forwarded to the coaches within those age groups for team selection.

All players have to register for tryouts to be considered. Players who are not registered cannot take part in any of our proposed sessions.

When registering, the player/parent will fill in all the information requested. It would then be up to the coach to select his team from the players registered for this season.

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Please contact our Director of Coaching if you are interested in playing in any of our age groups (2002-2014).

At this time, we are still accepting players for the following younger teams. Click the coach’s name to contact him.

Boys 2007 – Coach Bryan Wilkes

Boys 2013 – 2014 – Coach Alvaro Melgoza

Boys 2008 – Coach Alvaro Melgoza

Girls 2007 – Coach Brian Blake

New Safety Protocol

During training camps, players will be separated into groups of 12 with a coach and abiding by all health requirements. Players are encouraged to bring these items when returning to the fields:

  • Face mask – for arrival and exit, but not required while playing
  • Hand sanitizer – player must use before, during and after each session
  • Equipment – bring own equipment because no sharing will be allowed
  • Water – bring your own because community water fountains will be unavailable

Games are still expected to start in early September for Presidio and SDDA Leagues.

Our team managers will keep players and parents informed as new information or procedures develop.

Everyone who participates in our FC Heat Return to Play Training Camps will have to sign a waiver that will be kept on file with our club. This applies to coaches, assistant coaches, managers, staff, parents, players and officials. 

At this time, we cannot organize or take part in any tournament, especially if it involves travel to out of county/state venues. That also means our very own club tournament will be rescheduled towards the end of the year.

Questions & Answers

  • Q – My child wishes to tryout for different clubs before we make a decision and then he can register later for Heat. Is that permissible.
  • A – We are running late with our Older Tryouts for obvious reasons. All teams will be picked from registered players only. Every player wishing to play for FC Heat Elite has to register in this initial process. The team will then be chosen from those applicants, so if your child does not register he/she may lose the opportunity to play for us. Registration time is also limited as you can see from the attached flyer.
  • Q – If my son or daughter registers for a certain age group for FC Heat does that automatically give him/her a place on that team?
  • A – Once your son or daughter is registered you will get a call from the coach of the team you selected to play for in their age group with further instructions. Coaches know many of our players and may have to choose a player based on his/her previous playing experience, or they may be elected to come and take part in practice sessions. But they are not guaranteed a place on a team until the coach has formerly offered them a place.
  • Q – Can my child register to play for any team in his age group even if it is different from the team he played on last year?
  • A – Yes, but he/she is not guaranteed a place on that team until the coach has made his selections. When registering you just need to fill in the appropriate information about past teams and teams you are requesting to play for. The application is pretty straight-forward.
  • Q – What fields can we use since this is the time when we practice at high-school fields?
  • A – At this time we will be using Ryan Park specific fields, which will be allocated to each team.
  • Q – If my daughter puts her name down to play for the ‘A’ Team of her age group what happens if she does not get chosen by that coach?
  • A – If she does not get chosen for the team she registered for, her name will be passed on to the next coach in line of her age group.
  • Q – Since the season does not include tournament play will there be a refund or a reduction in player fees?
  • A – The only thing missing right now is pre-season tryouts for the older teams and pre-season tournament play. However, our season is expected to run the same as previous years followed by post season tournaments including State and National Cup. Tournaments are always separate to playing fees anyway, with the exception of the Dave Shelton Tournament being no charge, which will take place later in the year. So no there would be no reduction in fees. Our club is still one of the least expensive clubs to play for.
  • Q – If the season gets cancelled or reduced will there a refund?
  • A – This will be decided upon at that time. Most likely a credit would be given for the following season should the season be cancelled. On a more positive note, everything is pointing to a regular start to the season on the dates originally scheduled.
  • Q – Will there be certain rules we have to live by to take part in practice and games?
  • A – Yes. Currently there are a number of rules and regulations that we have to adhere to which relate to the safety of our players and personnel. All of those rules will be released to parents and players prior to our return to play. Now that our facility at Ryan Park is open for team play we will also have to abide by facility regulations as prescribed by the county, city and club.
  • Q – Will we have to pay a registration fee once we register our players?
  • A – You will be expected to pay a deposit at the time of physical registration. That is when your child has been offered a place on a Heat team and you accept that position. The amount is yet to be determined.
  • Q – Will you offer payment plans?
  • A – Yes, as we do every year. The deposit is expected to be paid upfront and in total before payment plans can begin.
  • Q – Can we still pay in cash?
  • A – During this time it is not advisable to handle cash in any way because of germs. We suggest either a credit card, transfer, wire, debit card, and in some cases a check.
  • Q – How is Escondido Soccer Club at Ryan Park making sure that the facility is safe?
  • A – We are strictly following SD County Health and Human Services Agency guidelines and putting into effect their protocol as it was outlined to us. This protocol can be found on our website under Resources.