Our Competitive Program has a number of special activities that many other clubs do not offer.

Prior to the start of every season we offer FC Heat Clinics where every player on every newly formed team gets to meet and spend time with all of our competitive coaches. For five evenings following opening day, all of our coaches will be out on the field in a racetrack formation setting up skills exercises and activities for all of our competitive players. This not only gives the players an opportunity to meet all of our coaches, but also to experience them in action. After all we are one hometown club with one goal, and that is the development of our players.

Furthermore, during our season, when Ryan Park is open, we consistently offer Goalkeeping Clinics for both our younger and older competitive teams – recreational goalkeepers are also invited. We have two top level goalkeeping coaches who work with goalkeepers on a weekly basis in order to improve their game.

Periodically we bring in outside organizations and their programs to help improve our players such as; game preparedness, stretching, speed and agility training, nutrition and injury rehabilitation. This has proven successful in previous years and is why we are always on the look-out for such state of the art programs for our players.

2019 Heat Clinics Dates

8/5/19 – 8/8/19