The Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) now known as SOCAL, was created in 2011 to serve the needs of clubs looking to have the ability to control player and team environments. The League platform and format was designed collectively by coaching directors from some of the most respected youth clubs in the country, and emphasis has been placed on providing a match day environment conducive to promoting player development.

  • The principal mission of the SOCAL Soccer League is to allow all participating clubs to have the freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of all their players and to place the League’s priority first and foremost on true player development.  All SCDSL clubs understand that the landscape of youth soccer is dramatically changing across the country and the philosophy of this League ensures that players of all abilities will be training or competing in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.  Southern California has always been a national leader in player development and the creation of the Corporation   is a major step in ensuring that trend continues for many years to come.  In the new league all players will have the necessary tools to make their goals and dreams become a reality.


After many hours of work and carrying out our due diligence over the last few months, we can finally announce that ESCO has decided to join The Southern California Soccer League.

SOCAL, formerly known as SCDSL, has now expanded into San Diego County becoming the largest youth soccer league in Southern California.

Previously FC Heat played all of their teams in the SDDA and the Presidio Soccer League, which was governed by US Youth Soccer and CalSouth. Effective immediately, Escondido Soccer Club is putting all of their teams in SOCAL, as this gaming league provides all levels of competition while having the luxury of playing at playing locally.

Age groups will include players born 2015 – 2002 playing in varying divisions of quality from Recreational Soccer to Flight 1 and Discovery NPL, in fact there is a level for every player and team.

Teams will play more games during their regular season against some of the finest competition within and outside of their own geographical areas. Teams will be promoted and relegated based on their own merit and performance, with a chance to play in College Showcase identification games (olders) and a true State Cup and a US Club National Cup. Some of the venues selected are the Delmar Polo Fields, SoCal Oceanside and the Silverlakes facilities.

SOCAL has its own Player Development Program (PDP), similar to the ODP (Olympic Development Program with a regional training center right here in San Diego. They also provide excellent coaching educational courses and resources to help coaches at all levels.

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