Fall Recreational Registrations still being accepted for most age divisions. Some age divisions are wait listed. Please register through the website. Coaches are still being placed for some age divisions and players are being contacted. If you are interested in coaching please contact Director of Recreation James Griffen at jgriffen@escondidosoccerclub.org Practices are scheduled to start between August 2-12.


February 2021 Newsletter

              Professional Ex-Heat Players

Many players who have come through our programs have done extremely well in life, and there have been a few who have done extremely well in soccer. But two stand out above all others simply because they became international players, representing their country in international competition.

Natalie Garcia (Natalie Ann Garcia Méndez) was born in 1990 and lived in Valley Center. She played for FC Heat in her younger years before attending USD. She made 83 appearances for the SD Toreros from 2008 – 2011 and scored 7 goals, which is pretty good for a solid defender.

Although born in California, Natalie chose to represent her native country Mexico when in 2010 she was chosen to play for the Mexico U-20 team, making 4 appearances. That same year she was chosen for the Women’s Senior National Team and played in the 2011 Women’s FIFA World Cup. She made 9 appearances for Mexico’s Senior Team between 2010 and 2012.

Natalie now resides in Fallbrook and is a registered nurse and soon to be mom. Hopefully, in the not too distant future we hope to be coaching her children too.

On the Boy’s side, Corey Baird who was born in Poway in 1996 decided to play for FC Heat when his family moved to Escondido. He came through our ranks from age 6 through age 8 where he stood out having the potential to be a great forward. He later played in the Olympic Development Program with various age groups and then for the US National Teams at U-17, U-18, U-20, and U-23 levels.

He attended Stanford University and became Player of the Year many times while helping them win many championships. He matured into a great winger/forward and was drafted to Real Salt Lake and played in their Development Academy before he became a full professional.

Corey was then loaned to the Real Monarchs before joining Los Angeles FC.

In 2018, USMNT Coach Greg Berhalter selected Baird to play for the senior team. Corey made his full debut as a starter in 2019 in a friendly against Panama.

At 24 years-old, Corey Baird is still enjoying playing high level soccer.

On a side-note, Corey’s father designed our old logo pictured above right.


This is where you can help make a difference by becoming a new board volunteer and contributing to the actions and decisions that guide our club as we move forward into 2021.

Did you know that most of our board is filled with volunteers who started many years ago when their children were playing for our club? These children are now adults who have left home to start lives of their own, but somehow their parents still remain, happily volunteering to help make our club one of the better soccer and life improvement programs in the county. Their goal is to offer the same opportunities or better to the youth of today that their children experienced many years ago. We even have some of our ex-players working on our board!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on February 10th, 2021 where we encourage new volunteer applicants just like you, to become part of our board. Our board consists of many different directors from all walks of life who have numerous individual and team skills that they bring to the table. Your skills are definitely needed whatever they may be. And you will be surprised at how rewarding it is to become part of such a great team who have the same common goals, and whose skills always seem to complement each other. You may have a child in one of our programs and have opinions on how we can improve these programs. Well there is no time like the present to get involved. We value your experience and professional skills and we all look forward to working with you.

Action always speaks louder than words!

To become part of our great team take a look at our list of Board Positions here and seriously consider where your particular talent can help enhance this fine group of professionals. Any person currently involved in our organization can apply on an annual basis for many of the positions listed here. Some positions that are currently vacant and are in need of volunteers now are:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Recreation
  • Director of Managers
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Competitive
  • Director of Sponsorships
  • Director of Social Media

To apply for any board position or to find out more information about these positions, please contact our President Jessica Escobedo.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you around the table or at the very least in a ZOOM chat.

Only Fools and Horses

Written by Steve Yorke as a Recreational Coach in 2008

A horse trainer new to the game had three wonderful horses, all majestic mares with strong muscles and good lines. He had always trained them together, rode them hard and spent a good deal of time working on each of their flaws. He loved riding the three horses and spent an equal amount of time on each of them.

              One day the horse trainer spotted a filly in his neighbor’s field, running around and playing with several other horses the neighbor owned. Although the filly looked somewhat clumsy, he thought she had potential, always running hard with vigor and enthusiasm.

              The horse trainer bought the horse from the reluctant neighbor, promising that he would develop her natural talents. He put her into his field with his other three mares and watched for a few days. He found that all of the horses took well to each other, naturally playing around and running with a happy-go-lucky attitude. The filly moved as well as the other three mares, was as fit and as fast, but lacked a little fine tuning.

              Every day the young filly watched as the horse trainer saddled up the three majestic mares and along with his stable hands, rode them around various fields and trails. At the end of their session the filly was excited to be saddled up by the horse trainer and rode for a short period of time. But he kept her in the same field and rode her around in circles. The filly longed to go out on the trails with the other three mares.

              This went on for a number of weeks and at the end of every session the young filly was saddled up. She could not understand why she was always last to be rode and it quickly became apparent that the trainer was losing interest in her. Nevertheless, she tried even harder to look as majestic and noble as the other horses, but she became afraid to put a foot wrong. She made many mistakes. The filly looked back at the three mares following their session, steaming with perspiration, while she was barely warm. She was quickly losing confidence and was gradually becoming depressed.

              In time the horse trainer totally lost interest in the young filly, riding her less and less. She became despondent and even doubted her own ability. She felt that the other three mares were now looking down on her because the trainer favored them. They were easy to ride and train and they possessed natural skills that had improved over time. She kept looking longingly across the field at the other horses she used to happily play with and run alongside, wishing she was back there.

               Eventually, the young filly, who once had wonderful potential to be a majestic, proud mare, totally lost interest in the activities she once so loved. Embarrassed to be with the other three mares, she felt segregated and stood on her own by the previous owners fence, reminiscing of the days when she ran uninhibited without a care in the world.

              The young filly’s spirit was broken and her self-esteem crushed.


As a coach, can you honestly say that you are giving all of your players a fair amount of playing time and helping them all feel as important as each other during your practice sessions and games?

Remember that soccer is a team sport and that every one of your players plays a vital role in your team. Tell them that, then reinforce it with action. Every player develops at their own pace. Their self-confidence needs to be built and you should express the same interest equally to all of your players all of the time.

It is so important to help build the confidence and self-esteem of a young player, especially one who has moved up the ladder from Recreational soccer to Competitive. FUN is what we are after, skills are what we teach. Our aim is to allow these wonderful human beings to become confident, strong individuals with the positive mental attitude with which to achieve their dreams.