Fall Recreational Registrations still being accepted for most age divisions. Some age divisions are wait listed. Please register through the website. Coaches are still being placed for some age divisions and players are being contacted. If you are interested in coaching please contact Director of Recreation James Griffen at jgriffen@escondidosoccerclub.org Practices are scheduled to start between August 2-12.


January 2021 Newsletter


As I write this article we are in the midst of a fierce third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. You don’t need me to tell you about the second strain found in Europe that spreads 70% faster than the original strain, with similar cases detected in Colorado and San Diego, or the fact it was announced that in LA County one person dies from COVID every 10 minutes. That news alone is staggering which is why we are listening carefully to the advice of the CDC.

We as a youth sports, non-profit club would rather error on the side of caution and keep our players and staff as safe as possible at all times. Only the other day I heard about a soccer team traveling from Escondido to Mexico to play in an unsanctioned tournament with no social distancing or use of PPE equipment whatsoever. To me this is irresponsible behavior and only adds to the many problems we are now facing here in California. Yes, the vaccine has arrived, but it is no reason to let down our guard, especially when it comes to our children, their parents and especially their aging grandparents.

This holiday period many people traveled to be with family and some of those families house our players. We have to be very honest with each other and very thorough as we plan our Return to Practice Camps. If you or a close family member have been out of the country or even the county for that matter, it is advised that you get tested before your players return to our fields. The down time we have just enjoyed could mean more exposure for all of us. So let us please be careful and safe out there.

Escondido Soccer Club will continue to provide the fields, lights, volunteers and insurance that is needed for every team to return to our fields, as long as those teams’ player’s fees are paid in full through October of 2020. We are very happy to announce that all of our coaches have stood up to help keep our teams together even though their contracts have ended for this season. As you know, Escondido Soccer Club will lose money this year, but we feel it is very important that we keep our players on the fields to help alleviate some of the stress they are facing with the current stay at home rules. If we work closely and honestly together we will be successful in this next stage of our Returning-to-Play, especially as we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Many of you are asking; so what happens in 2021?

The way we see it, using common sense, is that everything hinges around the results of the vaccine and the relaxation of rules. This is an area we cannot control so we have to take a wait-and-see approach. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with being prepared for all developments while maintaining a positive outlook and attitude.

On the competitive side we feel that we will definitely have a full Fall Season in 2021. Also proposed, but still uncertain and to be confirmed, is a competitive Spring League, in which we can also choose to take part. The cost on this is still to be announced if indeed it does materialize. State and National Cup are still in the planning for 2021/22, but as of now, there will be no pre-fall season tournaments as sanctioned tournaments will be the last thing to return to competitive soccer in California. However, there is a strong possibility that we will be able to compete in post Fall Season tournaments in late 2021 or early 2022, should we be cleared to do so.

You have to also remember that any out of state unsanctioned tournaments and in state Roque Leagues or tournaments do not contain or include individual player insurance. This means that the parent, coach and/or administrators of the individual team could be liable in the case of injuries or other misfortunes to their players. In fact, currently CalSouth are refusing to issue permission to travel, so no insurance would be in force for traveling teams.

On the Recreational front, we are in the midst of planning our Spring Recreational Season. Although not yet confirmed, there is a much better chance of this happening as it only includes our own in-house teams and players in a camp environment with Spring Training Clinics. We are also fairly certain that we will have a Fall Recreational League in 2021.

At this time, tryouts for both competitive and recreational soccer are still not allowed by our governing bodies or even the State, County or City. Competitively we can only strive to keep our teams together, adjusting them for age and adding a make-shift tryout at a later date when we are allowed.

I’m sure you have all seen promotions and advertisements from other clubs talking about camps for tryout purposes, but these are elaborate ways of bending the rules. This puts children and their families in harms way, again something that ESC is not prepared to do. However, this is a great time for new players to join our practice camps in their age groups in preparation for scheduled events.

As we enter 2021 our fields will be open commencing the week of January 4th for all teams who opted to continue to practice in our camp environment. Again, all competitive players though, have to be paid up in full through October of 2020 to maintain their insurance.

Recreational teams in this group can continue to practice through January, but not from February 1st onwards as we are preparing our Rec Spring League. With certain protocol modifications as explained to each individual competitive team, our competitive teams can practice continuously in preparation of the proposed Competitive Spring Season, proposed State and National Cup and their upcoming Fall Season.

We hope that this article helps to clear the air as we understand many of you had questions following our previous announcements. But again we are preparing for all events, while maintaining a wait-and-see approach. To date we are proud and empowered at what we have been able to achieve for our players while continuing to be transparent with all of our members. We are one of very few clubs who have put our refund policy into effect.

We would like to thank you all for staying solid, loyal and committed with ESC and FC Heat. Your dedication and support will only make us a much stronger club going forward.

Happy New Year and thank you.

The Board at Escondido Soccer Club.


Mientras escribo este artículo, estamos en medio de una feroz tercera ola de la pandemia de Coronavirus. No necesita que le cuente sobre la segunda cepa encontrada en Europa que se propaga un 70% más rápido que la cepa original, con casos similares detectados en Colorado y San Diego, o el hecho de que se anunció que en el condado de Los Ángeles una persona muere de COVID cada 10 minutos. Esa noticia por sí sola es asombrosa, por lo que escuchamos atentamente los consejos de los CDC.

Nosotros, como club deportivo juvenil, sin fines de lucro, preferimos estar por el lado de la precaución y mantener a nuestros jugadores y personal lo más seguros posible en todo momento. Solo el otro día me enteré de que un equipo de fútbol viajaba de Escondido a México para jugar en un torneo no autorizado sin distanciamiento social ni uso de equipo de protección personal de ningún tipo. Para mí, este es un comportamiento irresponsable y solo se suma a los muchos problemas que enfrentamos ahora aquí en California. Sí, la vacuna ha llegado, pero no hay razón para bajar la guardia, especialmente cuando se trata de nuestros hijos, sus padres y especialmente sus abuelos mayores.

En este período de vacaciones muchas personas viajaron para estar con la familia y algunas de esas familias albergan a nuestros jugadores. Tenemos que ser muy honestos entre nosotros y muy minuciosos al planificar nuestros campamentos de regreso a los entrenamientos. Si usted o un familiar cercano ha estado fuera del país o incluso del condado, se recomienda que se haga la prueba antes de que sus jugadores regresen a nuestros campos. El tiempo de inactividad que acabamos de disfrutar podría significar una mayor exposición para todos nosotros. Así que, por favor, tengamos cuidado y tengamos cuidado.

Escondido Soccer Club continuará proporcionando los campos, las luces, los voluntarios y el seguro que se necesita para que cada equipo regrese a nuestros campos, siempre que las cuotas de los jugadores de esos equipos se paguen en su totalidad hasta octubre de 2020. Estamos muy felices de anunciar que todos nuestros entrenadores se han puesto de pie para ayudar a mantener unidos a nuestros equipos a pesar de que sus contratos terminaron esta temporada. Como saben, Escondido Soccer Club perderá dinero este año, pero creemos que es muy importante que mantengamos a nuestros jugadores en los campos para ayudar a aliviar parte del estrés que enfrentan con las reglas actuales de estadía en casa. Si trabajamos juntos de manera cercana y honesta, tendremos éxito en esta próxima etapa de nuestro Regreso al Juego, especialmente porque ahora podemos ver una luz al final del túnel.

Muchos de ustedes están preguntando; entonces, ¿qué pasa en 2021?

La forma en que lo vemos, usando el sentido común, es que todo gira en torno a los resultados de la vacuna y la relajación de las reglas. Esta es un área que no podemos controlar, por lo que tenemos que adoptar un enfoque de esperar y ver. Sin embargo, no hay nada de malo en estar preparado para todos los acontecimientos mientras se mantiene una perspectiva y una actitud positivas.

En el aspecto competitivo, creemos que definitivamente tendremos una temporada de otoño completa en 2021. También se propone, pero aún es incierto y está por confirmar, una liga de primavera competitiva, en la que también podemos optar por participar. El costo de esto aún no se ha anunciado, si es que se materializa. La Copa Estatal y Nacional todavía están en planificación para 2021/22, pero a partir de ahora, no habrá torneos previos a la temporada de otoño, ya que los torneos sancionados serán lo último que regrese al fútbol competitivo en California. Sin embargo, existe una gran posibilidad de que podamos competir en torneos posteriores a la temporada de otoño a finales de 2021 o principios de 2022, en caso de que tengamos autorización para hacerlo.

También debe recordar que los torneos no autorizados fuera del estado y las Ligas o torneos Roque del estado no contienen ni incluyen seguro para jugadores individuales. Esto significa que los padres, el entrenador y / o los administradores del equipo individual podrían ser responsables en caso de lesiones u otras desgracias de sus jugadores. De hecho, actualmente CalSouth se niega a otorgar permisos para viajar, por lo que no estaría vigente ningún seguro para los equipos que viajan.

En el frente recreativo, estamos en medio de la planificación de nuestra temporada recreativa de primavera. Aunque aún no se ha confirmado, hay muchas más posibilidades de que esto suceda, ya que solo incluye a nuestros propios equipos internos y a los jugadores en un entorno de campamento con las clínicas de entrenamiento de primavera. También estamos bastante seguros de que tendremos una Liga Recreativa de Otoño en 2021.

En este momento, nuestros órganos de gobierno o incluso el estado, el condado o la ciudad aún no permiten las pruebas para el fútbol de competición y recreativo. Competitivamente, solo podemos esforzarnos por mantener juntos a nuestros equipos, ajustándolos por edad y agregando una prueba improvisada en una fecha posterior cuando se nos permita.

Estoy seguro de que todos han visto promociones y anuncios de otros clubes que hablan de campamentos con fines de prueba, pero estas son formas elaboradas de infringir las reglas. Esto pone a los niños y sus familias en peligro, nuevamente algo para lo que ESC no está preparada. Sin embargo, este es un buen momento para que los nuevos jugadores se unan a nuestros campamentos de práctica en sus grupos de edad en preparación para los eventos programados.

Al entrar en 2021, nuestros campos estarán abiertos a partir de la semana del 4 de enero para todos los equipos que optaron por continuar practicando en nuestro entorno de campamento. Sin embargo, una vez más, todos los jugadores competitivos deben recibir el pago completo hasta octubre de 2020 para mantener su seguro.

Los equipos recreativos de este grupo pueden continuar practicando hasta enero, pero no desde el 1 de febrero en adelante, ya que estamos preparando nuestra Rec Spring League. Con ciertas modificaciones de protocolo como se explica a cada equipo competitivo individual, nuestros equipos competitivos pueden practicar continuamente en preparación de la temporada de primavera competitiva propuesta, la Copa estatal y nacional propuesta y su próxima temporada de otoño.

Esperamos que este artículo ayude a aclarar las cosas, ya que entendemos que muchos de ustedes tuvieron preguntas después de nuestros anuncios anteriores. Pero nuevamente nos estamos preparando para todos los eventos, mientras mantenemos un enfoque de esperar y ver. Hasta la fecha, estamos orgullosos y empoderados por lo que hemos podido lograr para nuestros jugadores sin dejar de ser transparentes con todos nuestros miembros. Somos uno de los pocos clubes que ha aplicado nuestra política de reembolso.

Nos gustaría agradecerles a todos por mantenerse sólidos, leales y comprometidos con ESC y FC Heat. Su dedicación y apoyo solo nos convertirá en un club mucho más fuerte en el futuro.

Feliz año nuevo y gracias.

The Board en Escondido Soccer Club.

Board Volunteers

Since early 2020 when COVID reared its ugly head, families and businesses have been forced into a survival mode. Never in our imagination would we have believed a virus would affect so many people in so many ways.

Even with government help many businesses have been forced to close their doors. Non-profits like ours have been hurt and threatened beyond belief, simply because we have been unable to offer our sport at a competitive and recreational level against each other. And, we all know that youth sports are an outlet for our children’s mental well-being and indeed an escape from the everyday trauma brought on by the new COVID lifestyle.

I am very proud of Escondido Soccer Club and our board of many volunteers who have spent numerous hours in long meetings and countless discussions to find a way for us to not only survive, but to thrive and succeed in the not too distant future. We have carefully followed State, County and City protocol to keep our members and staff safe and our children on the soccer field enjoying their sport. The way we now see it is that we are in the midst of the storm before the calm finally appears. But we do believe that every day there is a light shining a little brighter at the end of our tunnel.

This is where you can help make a difference by becoming a new volunteer and contributing to the actions and decisions of our club as we move forward into 2021.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on February 10th, 2021 where we encourage new volunteer applicants to become part of our board. Our board consists of many different directors from all walks of life who have numerous individual and team skills that they bring to the table. Your skills are definitely needed whatever they may be. And you will be surprised at how rewarding it is to become part of such a great team who have the same common goals and whose skills always seem to complement each other.

To become part of our great team take a look at our list of Board Positions here and seriously consider where your particular talent can help enhance this fine group of professionals. Any person currently involved in our organization can apply on a yearly basis for many of the positions listed here. Some positions that are currently vacant and are in need of volunteers are:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Recreation
  • Director of Managers
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Competitive
  • Director of Sponsorships
  • Director of Social Media

To apply for any board position or to find out more information about these positions, please contact our President Jessica Escobedo.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you around the table or at the very least in a ZOOM chat.