June Newsletter

ODP Players Selected from FC Heat B2005 Blue Team

How long have you been playing for FC Heat?

Jonathan Aguilar – 5 years.

Brando Oros – Since I was in the 4th grade.

Axel Morales – 4 or more years.

What do you like the most about playing for FC Heat?

Jonathan Aguilar – Playing soccer and spending time with friends.

Brando Oros – I feel that my teammates are like brothers because of how close we are and I like the tournaments we play in.

Axel Morales – Playing with my friends and the games we play with my team.

What is your favorite soccer team and player?

Jonathan Aguilar – Rayados de Monterrey and CR7

Brando Oros – Barcelona and Messi

Axel Morales- Chelsea and Ozil

When you go on to college, what school would you like to attend?

Jonathan Aguilar – USD

Brando Oros – A local division 1 soccer school.

Axel Morales – I don’t know yet.

What is your favorite food?

Jonathan Aguilar – Ceviche de Cameron.

Brando Oros – Chicken parmesan

Axel Morales – Tacos. They are easy to make and delicious.

Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Jonathan Aguilar – I like watching the UFC.

Brando Oros – When I was little, I didn’t like playing goalkeeper.  Now I love it!

Axel Morales – My parents made me play because I was overweight, but after a few years I fell in love with it!

Escondido Soccer Club – Junior Development Program

All soccer players develop at their own pace. Some are naturally gifted and think nothing of learning and perfecting new ball skills. Others take time but may have a keen eye for good ball distribution and creating space. There are many aspects of this wonderful game of soccer that make the complete player, and we feel that the younger we can get them coached the faster they will develop.

A young player’s game is not about winning, it is about learning and being confident especially to attempt new skills.

Our Junior Development Program is about learning these skills while having fun. It gives us a chance to see where these players fit into our programs.

Players will initially enroll into our Recreational Program where we will take a closer look at them and assess their skill level.  Some players maybe equipped to join our Competitive Program very soon, which entails more intense training and competition, where others may need to remain in the recreational arena for a little more time and individual skill development.

We have great professional coaches running this program for us who are used to working with younger players and know what is needed for each individual player.

Please read the flyers below and if you wish to enroll in this program, please sign up for Recreational Soccer first and we will take a closer look at your child.


Todos los futbolistas se desarrollan a su propio ritmo. Algunos son dotados por naturaleza y no piensan en aprender y perfeccionar nuevas habilidades con el balón. Otros toman tiempo, pero pueden tener buen ojo para una buena distribución de la pelota y crear espacio. Hay muchos aspectos de este maravilloso juego de fútbol que hacen al jugador completo, y sentimos que cuanto más jóvenes podamos entrenarlos, más rápido se desarrollarán.

El juego de un jugador joven no se trata de ganar, se trata de aprender y tener confianza, especialmente para intentar nuevas habilidades.

Nuestro Programa de Desarrollo Juvenil se trata de aprender estas habilidades mientras se divierte. Nos da la oportunidad de ver dónde encajan estos jugadores en nuestros programas.

Los jugadores se inscribirán inicialmente en nuestro Programa Recreativo, donde los examinaremos más de cerca y evaluaremos su nivel de habilidad. Algunos jugadores pueden estar equipados para unirse a nuestro Programa Competitivo, con entrenamiento y competición más intensos, donde otros pueden necesitar permanecer en la arena recreativa por un poco más de tiempo.

Tenemos excelentes entrenadores que ejecutan este programa para nosotros, que estamos acostumbrados a trabajar con jugadores más jóvenes y saben lo que se necesita para cada jugador en particular.

Por favor lea los folletos a continuación y si desea inscribirse en este programa, inscríbase en Recreational Soccer y examinaremos más de cerca a su hijo.