June Newsletter

Exhibition Game

This year’s exhibition match was a success! We had a great turnout. Thank you to all of the families that came out to support our 2004 boys!

Another big thank you to the boys that played and the coaches for making this a great, enjoyable match. 

Other News

Congratulations to the following teams that recently played and placed in tournaments!

B2005 Hernandez- SDSC Icebreakers Champions

B2005 Gonzalez- SWSC Summer Classic Finalists

G2008 Griffen- SWSC Summer Classic Finalists

G2007 Blake- Liverpool Cup Finalists

B2010 Espinoza- Scripps Ranch 3v3 Finalists

B2010 Espinoza- Albion Cup Champions

B2010 Espinoza- Albion Cup Finalists

Additional News

The following competitive teams are in search/need of players 

B2012- Martin Lopez

B2009- Martin Lopez

G2009- Franki Cira

Please contact these coaches if you are interested in joining their team for more information.