June – Recreational News

Spring season is now over which means we are currently transitioning into the Fall season. In case you missed the first set of evaluations, we will be having another on June 15th. The times go according to age group which can be found on the flyer below.

We are also looking for more coaches! If interested, please contact Franki Cira.

Thank you to all of the players, parents, and coaches who participated this past season! Here are a few pictures of this year’s Spring tournament placers.

U14: Ruiz (Left) & Dominguez (Right)
BU12: Detweiler (Left) & Quintero (Right)
GU12: Cervantes (Left) & Lopez (Right)
BU10: Nanco (Left) & Dominguez (Right)
GU10: Steele (Left) & Valle (Right)
BU8: Gomez (Left) & Quintero (Right)
GU8: Nanco (Left) & Gonzalez (Right)