Let the games begin…

All of our FC Heat teams begin their competitive fall season on September 11th, 2021 in the SOCAL gaming league.

It will be an exciting day down at Ryan Park where many of our teams are playing. Recreational games also begin that day so the place will be buzzing with happy players and proud families.

SOCAL is now one of the largest soccer gaming organizations in the United States so between San Diego County and LA there will be literally thousands of teams playing in different divisions within SOCAL.

Competitively there are almost 26,000 games with over 34,000 teams and over 55,000 players. This is an enormous amount of games to control, especially when we only have around 2,000 registered referees.

Of course one of the biggest problems that SOCAL had to deal with was field availability, as a very high percentage of clubs do not have consistent access to fields. They have to rent school fields, parks and private fields in order to participate, then each one of those fields have to be in maintained in playable condition with permits recorded. To say that we will be facing challenges this year is an understatement. Oh how nice it is to have our own fields!

All of our coaches, managers and assistant coaches had to pass background checks, take Safesport exams and update their licensing in the system. The logistics of all of the above took so many people working around the clock to make it happen.

Things that we can all do to help as we move forward…

  • If you have a teenager who likes to referee, have them get qualified by taking the course. My son made quite a considerable amount of money refereeing for the five or more years he was at Escondido Soccer Club, plus it strengthened his character and gave him lots of confidence just at the right time in his life.
  • If you are a coach you will have many conflicts during the season – this is the time to work with your fellow coaches and possibly look to the Recreational ranks for an assistant coach to help and assist you.
  • If you are a player, make sure you treat the officials with respect as they will be under tremendous pressure simply because they are short on personnel.
  • If you are a parent just become a decent spectator and one our club can be proud of. Please don’t be shouting instructions to the players – this is the coach’s job. Please don’t get into altercations with officials for the same reasons I mentioned above. Treat everyone with respect and in the way you wish to be treated. We also appreciate keeping your players fees up to date – chasing delinquent payments takes up so much time and effort and takes us away from the other responsibilities that we have in looking after your children and giving them a good playing experience.

By using common sense while we watch our children play will make it a massively successful season for the remainder of this year.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this next phase of our development as a club, and in getting our players back out onto the fields.

Heat players in SOCAL PDP

Heat players in SOCAL PDP…

Escondido Soccer Club hosted the new SOCAL Player Development Program at Ryan Park in August and will continue to do so for two more nights in September.

The PDP is a pilot program aimed to find the best players in the league in certain age groups, both male and female. The final team will represent San Diego County and eventually Southern California.

FC Heat was well represented in both the Girls 2007 and the Boys 2008 birth years.

In the boys 2008 tryouts from Sebastian Oros’s team: Alan Ibarra, Jose Luis Rivera, Omar Bueno Martinez and Carlos Colin who were all members of the State Cup semi-final team from 2019.

In the girls 2007 tryouts from Brian Blake’s team: Madison Meyers, Addison Paladino and Mia Blake.

Mia Blake was injured and could not attend the initial tryout phase but has since been invited to attend in September.

Madison Meyers – #10 Nickname: ‘Moo’

She is always one of the most competitive players on the field. She is a field general playing the attacking mid-field. She is skillfully and tactically sound with a great understanding of the game. Her vision and decision making is second to none. Being one of the team leaders, she can be given direction and can be counted on to communicate to her teammates and get the objective done. She is a fantastic finisher. She is definitely one any coach would want in front of the net because she will score. She is the team’s main PK shooter, and is always one of the top scorers and leaders in assists.

Addison Paladino – #7 – Nickname: ‘Hollywood’

This young lady can play anywhere up front and the wings. She is lightning fast, which is always a delight to watch and a constant threat to any defense. It is common to find her being covered by two to three defenders during a game. Year after year, she is always one of the top scorers on the team. Along with her being extremely fast, she is definitely one of the most skilled players on the team. She is able to take defenders on 1v1 and beat them. She is an expert with cutting the ball inside, turning the defenders inside out. She is also a great passer who usually leads the team in assists. 

Mia Blake – #9 – nickname: ‘Mina’

She loves soccer and always has a big smile on her face, but don’t let that fool you. This young lady is a gamer. Tactically on point and never backs down winning the ball. She is fast and very fit. One of the most skilled players on the team, she is able to play the first time ball consistently and is always a player who leads the team in assists. She also strikes the ball very well and is always a constant threat to score. She plays in the mid-field on the wings. Adding to her versatility, she can also play as a defender.

Click here to learn more about SOCAL PDP

Congratulations to all our tournament achieving teams in August

Coach Alvaro Melgoza – B2012 – Copa Revolution Champions

Coach Bernardo Rosales – B2011 – Copa Revolution Champions

Coach Brian Blake – G2006 Black – Carlsbad Classic Finalists

Coach Robert Lerps/Jorge Gonzalez – B2005 – Copa Revolution Finalists

Coach Rob Parker – G2007 – Coronado Crown Classic Champions

Coach Martin Lopez – B2014 – Socal Cup Champions

Coach Martin Lopez – B2014 – Loma de Surf Champions

Coach Martin Lopez – B2013 – Copa Loma de Surf Champions

Coach Diego Valle – San Diego Premier Classic Champions

Year to date we have 24 Championships and 19 Runners-up!