March Newsletter


After many hours of work and carrying out our due diligence over the last few months, we can finally announce that ESCO has decided to join The Southern California Soccer League.

SOCAL, formerly known as SCDSL, has now expanded into San Diego County becoming the largest youth soccer league in Southern California.

Previously FC Heat played all of their teams in the SDDA and the Presidio Soccer League, which was governed by US Youth Soccer and CalSouth. Effective immediately, Escondido Soccer Club is putting all of their teams in SOCAL, as this gaming league provides all levels of competition while having the luxury of playing at playing locally.

Age groups will include players born 2015 – 2003 playing in varying divisions of quality from Recreational Soccer to Flight 1 and Discovery NPL, in fact there is a level for every player and team.

Teams will play more games during their regular season against some of the finest competition within and outside of their own geographical areas. Teams will be promoted and relegated based on their own merit and performance, with a chance to play in College Showcase identification games (olders) and a true State Cup and a US Club National Cup. Some of the venues selected are the Delmar Polo Fields, SoCal Oceanside and the Silverlakes facilities.

SOCAL has its own Player Development Program (PDP), similar to the ODP (Olympic Development Program with a regional training center right here in San Diego. They also provide excellent coaching educational courses and resources to help coaches at all levels.

To read more about this exciting new league click here.


Here is the breakdown of fees for parents for the upcoming 2021/22 season and our payment plans. There have been some questions regarding players paying their deposits this year and we wanted to clarify. As a Board it is our intention to be as transparent as possible and we are really trying to help parents this year especially with what we have had to endure as a community during the last 12 months.

The Financial Committee met and discussed how payments should be handled for the 2021/22 season. These were our goals:

  • Not to raise fees this season and to continue with last season’s fee amounts for all ages.
  • To keep the financial burden for our families at a minimum.
  • To rollover credits from our 2020 season (recognizing that they range from $10 – $400 and are both cash & discounts) as well as issue requested refunds.
  • To come up with a much lower non-refundable deposit than our regular $300 non-refundable deposit for all ages.
  • To offer sibling discounts, scholarships, coaches’ credits, and manager credits to all of our qualifying participants.
  • To make sure that Escondido Soccer Club has some kind of cash flow to meet immediate bills and obligations, assuring that all of our players are immediately protected and insured.

By securing all of the above principles, it means that Escondido Soccer Club will not have any immediate cash flow to cover expenses if we do not collect a deposit, as we have always done. Indeed many players will not pay any actual fees (except for this deposit) until July 2021. This of course will place a significant financial burden on our club by reducing our monthly operating cash flow.

Therefore, this is what our financial committee has decided, which meets all of the above criteria and keeps a minimum amount of cash flow for regular operations:

  • Teams playing 2010-2013 will pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 at registration.
  • Teams playing 2003-2009 will pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 at registration.
  • We changed the structure of our payment plans to help our families. So now we have a monthly payment plan rather than a three-times-a-year payment plan.
  • Deposits, as per club policy, have to be paid before all of the above incentives and rollovers will take effect.

In closing, the Escondido Soccer Club is a business. We are happy to just breakeven. We want to continue to provide the opportunity for the youth of Escondido and surrounding communities to play soccer at Ryan Park for many years to come. We are trying to be sympathetic and thoughtful to the needs of our families, while at the same time continuing to pay our bills.

We are also improving our programs by moving our teams into a much more organized soccer league that offers many more games per season than you have been previously accustomed to.

We hope this explanation helps you to understand the thought process of the Financial Committee and to be able to explain to families when questions arise. Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and all that you do for the families of the Escondido Soccer Club.

Questions you may have…

When are we registering for the 2021/2022 season?

A registration link has been sent via e-mail for you to register your player who has already attended tryouts.

What are the new payment plans and how do they work?

MonthFebMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptCost TOTAL
Competitive 2010-2013 @ $920  $100 Deposit  $100  $100  $100  $100  $100  $160  $160  $920
Competitive 2003-2009 @ $1200   $200 Deposit  $150  $150  $175  $175  $175  $175  $1200
Refund PolicyNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundable 

Can I pay cash like I have always done?

The new registration platform will require you to pay a deposit during registration. The platform is going to prefer that you use either a credit card or pay by ACH (use a routing number and check account number) for the deposit and monthly payments. There is a way to pay by cash directly to your manager; however, your registration will not be complete until this payment is received by the Club Bookkeeper.

Why don’t my credits from last year take effect immediately rather than after me paying my non-refundable deposit?

Club policy has always been that credits, discounts, and vouchers are applied AFTER the deposit has been paid.

The club lost a lot of money last year to keep our players active and on the fields, and as mentioned above, we still require cash flow in order to cover our season’s startup costs and monthly expenses.  In an effort to help you, we have lowered the deposit requirement either by over 60% or by over 30% in the older age groups. This gives us a bare minimum in operating costs to get our season underway. Both 2020 and 2021 fiscal years are separate, but we have agreed to pay-it-forward (credits) in order to help our families. Also we have now moved to a brand new streamline registration and collection software system, which calculates current year deposits (initial payments) before credits are able to be applied.

Suppose we don’t have a season again. Will we get our money back?

It is highly unlikely that we will not have a Competitive Fall Season in 2021, in fact it is now scheduled, but we understand your concerns about the uncertainty. So we reduced the monthly fees and made them due at the end of each month (a pay-as-you-play format). So each month’s fees will be used to cover the monthly expenses and are non-refundable. We continue to be the only club offering any type of refund policy. Now the State and County have relaxed rules and regulations for youth sports, it now becomes even more certain that we will be playing very shortly and you do not want to be left behind. GO HEAT!