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November Newsletter

Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,

In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and



I remember in 2006 standing in front of a crowded stage at Kit Carson Park, while recreational medal presentations where taking place. It was a great effort by volunteers and staff at that time, but facilities were poor and there were people everywhere. Nevertheless, this was the start of our attempted presentations to recreational players and participants.
We have come a long way since then. Part of our year is now Super Soccer Saturday, the Opening Day celebrations and our End of Season Party celebrations. We now have committees who meet every week to make this a memorable occasion for our players.
We never had an End of Season Party in previous years, but we all felt it very important to recognize our stand-out competitive players, goalkeepers, managers, coaches and volunteers. The money for our first End of Season celebration was raised by selling soccer balls and taking the profit from those sales to purchase trophies and medals for our winners.
Super Soccer Saturday was always the final play-off day for our Recreational Championships. I can remember seeing my kids as 6-year olds participating. They were thinking that they were playing in a World Cup Final. It was something they never forgot. From this experience, they naturally moved to the competitive arena and stayed in the system until they attended college.
Today the landscape is much different. On all of these occasions we encourage all of our teams to erect booths and sell food and products. Each team is then allowed to keep the profits to be put towards participating children’s fees. We also employ the parents and older children from our club to work for money, which helps to pay down their fees.
As a club we literally spend thousands of dollars on these events to make sure that all players have a great time and are recognized for their hard work during the season. If there is any money left over it goes into our Player Scholarship Fund, which helps financially challenged families to take part in either Recreational or Competitive Soccer. Profits from gift baskets donated by each team also go to help the Player Scholarship Fund and these families.
This year our committee has decided to combine both Super Soccer Saturday from Recreational, and our End of Season Party from Competitive in order for us all to celebrate together as one club.
All for One and One for All!
Come celebrate with us, partake in the fun and the food and observe the happiness on all of our children’s faces.

Steve Yorke
Director of Coaching & Technical Director


On Saturday, we will be raffling tickets for an opportunity to win a free registration for next year. Stop by the snack bar to purchase yours! The winners will be announced on Saturday. See flyers below for more info.

  • We also need player to help during the event! We will be offering community service credit to any player who helps and voucher credit towards players fees for those over the age of 15. Parents can also earn vouchers. Contact Geno Kintzele if interested.


  • Auction basket donations are due this week by Wednesday! *
    These baskets will be auctioned off during Super Soccer Saturday (11/9). The proceeds of these baskets will be going to the Player Scholarship Fund to help make soccer more affordable for qualifying families. Be sure to have your basket turned in by Wednesday, November 6th at the snack bar.

See the flyer below for more information.


Registration for Spring League is now open! The season will begin on February 21st and end on May1st. The cost for registration is now $100 but will go up on January 1st so be sure to fill your registration out as soon as possible. We will have a registration table set up during Super Soccer Saturday. You can also fill your registration form out on our website.

See flyers below for more information.