September Newsletter

Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,

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Here we go…Here we go…Here we go!
By Steve Yorke – Director of Coaching

Here we are again folks, September, the month that traditionally sees the start of our Competitive campaign and our Recreational league games.
Last month we witnessed our best ever yet Opening Day, put together by a band of loyal volunteers who had meticulously planned each careful step, from the types of food booths to the order of the inflated jumpies. The face painters were one of the most popular where it took them at least a day to recover and boy were they good! It was great to see everyone coming together and doing their bit in order to help celebrate this fine occasion. I, along with our President and Vice-President and other directors and coaches spent a fair amount of time in the Dunk Tank, where both kids and parents had a chance to wallop the ball against the target in order to see us submerged in a vat of deteriorating water.

The Recreational leagues who play at Ryan Park and against other local clubs have already kicked off their season in fine style. I have walked the fields and observed these enthusiastic coaches, running and laughing while helping our novice players with the technical skills they need to advance to the next level. We see families setting up camp on the sidelines on weekends to cheer on their children and grandchildren, because that is what it is all about. We strive to improve every player’s confidence and self-esteem not only within the game, but also with the challenges they face in life. Then at the end of their season the cream of the crop of this wonderful group get to tryout for our All-Star teams, which is the next step up on the soccer ladder.

Our Competitive teams are nearing the end of their preliminary tournament season with over 30 Championships and 25 Runners-Up achievements to date, well ahead of our previous years at this time. Our competitive coaches are putting in the extra hours and travel time to place their teams in tournaments all over Southern California, and they are coming home with the silverware.
There are a number of rule changes within the game this year that our governing bodies have implemented. These changes not only affect the rules within the playing area, but rules on the sideline too. For example; if any parent gets ejected from a game by the referee, then for the following game no parents can attend. This will be tough to implement, but it just shows the serious consequences taken when parents get overly involved in their children’s games.
Let them play folks, this is their time!


This weekend officially marks the commencement of our recreational season! Thank you to all of the coaches who are selflessly volunteering their time to coach our children through the season!

Coaches, if you need help finding some new, useful drills or planning for practices, visit the coach’s resources page on our new website!

We are currently in need of 2005-2006 girls for our recreational teams.

Please contact Frankie Cira, the director of recreational, to learn more or sign up online!


B2004 Coach Wilkes- Carlsbad Coastal Classic Champions

B2009 Coach Hernandez- La Jolla Labor Day Classic Champions

B2008 Coach Cira- SD Surf Point Loma Summer Classic Finalists

B2011 Coach Cardoza/Espinoza- SoCal Cup Champions

B2007 Coach Wilkes- Carlsbad Coastal Classic Finalists

G2007 Coach Blake- SoCal Cup Finalists

B2006 Coach Rosales- Copa Revolution Finalists

G2009 Coach Griffen- Nott’s Forrest Labor Day Cup Champions