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This Too Shall Pass…

Our position on the Coronavirus pandemic…

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

John F. Kennedy

When I woke up this morning in this world of doom and gloom amid the growing fears of the Coronavirus, I started thinking about life in general and about what I had taught my children when they were growing up. Two things stood out in my mind that I had repeatedly drove home to them in case they were ever in a position of worry, stress and pain:

  1. This too shall pass.
  2. Find the positive in every negative situation (regardless of circumstances).

Of course these are self-explanatory, but now as a parent I am tested and have to lead by example by walking my talk, which is very difficult to do, especially under current conditions in our world.

Then I asked myself about what I do for a living and what my job means to me. I concluded that I am a motivator of people and children to do their best in every given situation, regardless of their circumstances. I along with our coaches and our club administration strive to put the correct tools in the hands of our students to enable them to achieve their goals, not just in soccer, but in life in general. Of course there will be failures and massive challenges but, we teach them not to give up and to keep the prize at the forefront of their minds. Each failure is a step in the right direction that makes us stronger and builds character.

We should not judge people or offer them advice in order to change their lives or the lives of others, but what I can do is offer you my opinion. I am a proud American citizen and am proud of the country I live in. I am not one to pick at the negative news that clouds over us on a daily basis, I am a glass half-full guy. I am also realistic and can appreciate the problems that we all are facing.

When we go into stores and see people stock piling their carts, I am reminded that we are not short of food in this country, so why are we doing it?

I am sure that you all, just like me, have been inundated with advice about what to do and about what not to do during this ongoing crisis. I am then reminded about what John F. Kennedy said to us back in 1961, which I think translates into being a good neighbor and a good citizen. It was then that I took a step back to look at the big picture and decide what I and my family can do to help.

Senior citizens are the ones most at risk, these are people who have been through worse disasters than this, and many of who have fought in one way or another for our freedom. My parents are 88 years-old. One in a wheelchair and one with Alzheimer’s. It is my duty to make sure that they have food on their table and their medications at hand. Would it hurt us to pick up the phone and call our elderly neighbor to see if they are okay and ask if they are in need of anything?

Our children are at home with us at the moment, which is a time when we can appreciate our teachers and the big part they play in making our lives much easier. But it is also a time that I cherish as I have both of my children with me, both healthy at home from college, but still studying. When your children leave home you will think back to this time and the opportunity that you had to spend this quality time together.

House cleaners and gardeners are still working even though it is raining, they have to put food on their tables even though it looks like our economy is failing. This is not a time to lay them off, especially when we live in a country where our government is considering a payout to help each and every citizen.

Think of our first responders, our military, our doctors and nurses who have to leave their families behind amid this crisis and put themselves in harm’s way in order to help those in need. Just a simple thank you is all that is needed should you ever have to come into contact with them.

One thing is for sure. This time next year or even sooner, life will be back to normal as long as we use common sense and follow the clear and concise directions from our medical experts.

After spending so much time at home with your children, I can guarantee that you will appreciate Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat as we are the outlet for their pent up energy and frustrations, which they will be looking forward to burning off as soon as our fields and leagues are open.

Sure COVID-19 has caused a pandemic and is highly contagious. But being a good citizen and a good neighbor can be as highly contagious too.

Think of all of the people mentioned above and think of the families who have lost love ones in this disaster or are now suffering themselves.

Keep everyone in your thoughts and pay it forward because ‘This too shall pass!’

Steve Yorke – Director of Coaching